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As your voice in science for development, SciDev.Net seeks to prioritise the issues that matter the most, making the case for science-informed policymaking, and helping create the necessary conditions for innovation across the developing world.

SciDev.Net Plus is a way for us to maximise on a win-win situation. Your subscription will help fund our journalism to highlight the benefits of science in the developing world, while our reach and network can help you build effective programmes that have demonstrable impact.

As a member of SciDev.Net Plus, our journalists across the globe will open up their contact books and give you the story behind the news in these challenging times.

SciDev.Net Plus offers you:

  • Exclusive Access to a monthly conference call with our coordinators across the globe - we will share our contacts, answer your questions, and give you the background story on our top-ranking articles
  • Advance Notification on breaking stories and emerging trends
  • Priority Entry to our quarterly global networking events and roundtables, all online for now
  • Weekly News and Analysis on trends affecting global science for development industry

With journalists in over 80 countries and homepages in Arabic, French, Spanish and English, SciDev.Net is the world’s leading news service looking at the impact of science on people in low- and middle-income countries. In 2019, our content was seen over 200 million times.

SciDev.Net covers various topics such as food security, climate change, conservation, pollution, biodiversity, nutrition, sustainability, gender, SDGs, technology, innovation, biotechnology, health, and disease.

In order to kickstart our new service, we are offering founding members a lifetime price of £9 per month if you commit now. We will never increase the price for people who register their interest before 31 March 2021.

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